Write the Perfect Press Release in One Hour or Less

Choose the Topic of the Press Release
Why is there a need for a press release? Obviously something has happened and everyone needs to know about it quickly. That event is the topic of the press release and everything else is developed in line with that.

Write the Headline
The headline must use each word to say something important towards the topic. Keep it short and simpleā€¦but persuasive.

Write the Body of the Press Release
The body of the press release is like a news article you see in the paper every day. It is informative, factual, researched, verified and it uses the journalistic formula of who, what, when, where, why and how. The copy is straightforward with no embellishments or statements about how the event is so wonderful, awful, negative, positive, and so forth.

Always use the rules of basic journalism below to review your press releaseĀ 

  • Was your press releases written in third person?
  • Does your press release focus on your announcement or news rather than selling something? Your press release should never resemble an advertisement or sales letter!
  • Did you include a media contact name, e-mail address and phone at the bottom of the press release?
  • Did you include at least three links to your Website?
  • Is there any way that you can make your press release more interesting, timely or unique?
  • Is your press release more than 200 words and less than 500?
  • Did you add ### to the bottom of the press release to signify the end?
  • Is your headline clear and to the point? Can it be shortened without losing anything?
  • Are all details of the "Who, What, When, Where, How and Why" covered in the body of the press release?
  • Have you looked at other press releases to make sure yours looks correct and does not leave out any information?

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