The Business We Are In…

I'd like to tell you what I notice about the most successful people (wealthiest), and the most dynamic entrepreneurs, including my private clients, myself, and those I follow.

There are many commonalities, and we often talk about Wealth Attraction and other topics of success. Today, I want to focus on one core trait, behavior, and responsibility that the richest people have.

They invest as much time, money, and effort doing things outside of their business as they do inside of it. They research more, study more, go on adventures more, try more new things, step outside their comfort zone more, and are constantly working on "what's next"!

Here's what I know, and what we've all heard, "If you keep doing what you are doing now, you'll keep getting what you are getting now."

Growth comes from challenge, pressure, aggressive action.

Let me say it differently, whatever you do that "runs" the business is earning you income, today. And so long as you keep doing that, you'll have more income, the next day you do it.

You certainly won't get rich or build a sustainable business by doing more of the "running" of the business.

No, it requires you to do more, to reach higher, to discover ways, strategies, and methods that will push you to new levels of thinking, marketing, and implementing.

Understand, the true entrepreneur will never totally escape "working in" the business. But, and it's a big BUT, your evolution as an entrepreneur comes by doing more of the "working on" regardless of how much "working in" still exists.

Because, THAT IS the business we are in. We are in the business of challenging ourselves, pushing our thinking, forcing our implementation, and speed to adapt, adjust and execute new ideas and strategies.

If you are not having fun and excitedly implementing new things every month, you've got to break out of the rut, the routine, the mundaneness of your business and get re-energized, re-focused, re-motivated about your goals and objectives.

I'll end this little lecture by saying this -

Every month I talk with new doctors. Each of them says they are "busy", yet, I've not met one who says they are making all the money they want and living their ideal lifestyle.

The problem with this is clear, at some point everyday, we're all guilty of being BUSY doing the wrong things. Be busy building your business and get rich because of it.

STOP whatever you were doing before you read this email, and make a list, right now; a list of the things on your mind, the ideas and strategies that when you pause during the day you're reminded of...the things you're not doing...and decide now on a time later today, tomorrow, at least this week, when you will commit to putting the first thing on your list in motion. Next, allocate time to work on this list everyday.

What you do to 'refill' the list and the actual working on the list - that's where the money is, that's what'll make you rich, that IS the business!

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