The 7-Step Formula for Writing Powerful Articles in Less Than an Hour

  1. Know and target your audience.
    Do your research and those who are most interested in hearing what you have to say.
  2. Use a headline that grabs the readers immediately.
    A good way to grab your readers is to state the benefits of using your product or service.
  3. Make your case by showing how this will work for the readers.
    While you don’t say everything here, you can support what you are telling them by offering facts and results.
  4. Outline your main points you will be covering.
    A good way is to use bullets in showing what your list of points will be.
  5. Expand the information given with each point.
    Write a sentence or two expanding on each point and supporting it with facts or evidence.
  6. Create and support your conclusion.
    Tell the readers why you wrote this article and give them a reason and way to take action on your message.
  7. A nice additional touch is to use resource boxes.
    A resource box serves as a way to provide additional important information to the readers such as links to get further information. You can also provide more information about yourself and your business and how to reach you.

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