The 5 Principles of Social Marketing

The social marketing methods at your disposal are quite varied, but they all share five unique attributes.  It‘s these characteristics that make social marketing so attractive to companies that you use it and successful with the people who are targeting by it.

Social Marketing is HIGHLY TARGETED

The digital nature of the Internet means you don‘t have to rely on impersonal templates and offers. Technology makes it easy to offer specific, customized content to each individual. That makes your prospect say, ―He‘s talking to me!

That, in turn, allows you to attract highly targeted customers to your website. And when they arrive, they‘re already interested in your products and services, and that means you have a better chancing of transforming them from prospects to buying customers…hopefully for life!

Social Marketing is EASY TO MEASURE

You can‘t improve what you can‘t analyze. Knowing how many people visit your website, how they found you, and what pages they were interested are all keys in unlocking your customer‘s buying preferences. Once you know what‘s important to them, you can make adjustments in your marketing efforts to meet their needs and fulfill their desires.

With net-based marketing, it‘s easy to generate tracking figures so you can do a detailed examination of the Return on Investment (ROI) of any campaign you mount. That way you won‘t throw money out the window trying to keep a failing marketing initiative up and running.

Social Marketing is IMMEDIATE

Time is crucial in business and an emarketing campaign has the advantage of being much quicker to set up and put into play than other marketing methods.

Just as important, the response mechanisms are equally quick so you can start to see the results (quite literally) immediately.

Social Marketing can be TESTED AND REFINED

The speed with which you market is important, but high speed messaging is meaningless without high speed messages. To achieve top quality in social marketing or any marketing messages, you must test and refine any campaign as it is happening to ensure you get the best possible results.

Using technology to track measure the response of your marketing campaign will allow you to adapt and refine your content and delivery mechanisms so that you‘re only using strategies that achieve the highest response rates. Your jaw will drop when you see what just a few alterations can do to skyrocket your results and number of visitors.

Social Marketing is COST-EFFECTIVE

Social marketing is a high-speed outreach effort that‘s inexpensive to do and can be easily fine-tuned for effectiveness. That makes it an ideal marketing tool for a budget-conscious company. (And any company that isn’t budget-conscious won‘t be a company for long!)

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