How to Write Compelling Guarantee Copy

If you don’t guarantee your customer’s satisfaction, begin doing so immediately. If you’re in a service-oriented business, consider ways to quantify and guarantee service performance, such as a minimum waiting or turnaround time. Consider, too, ways to improve the strength of your guarantees. And when you have a great guarantee, highlight that in your copy.

It’s not enough to simply say, “Oh yes, we guarantee our work. If anyone is dissatisfied, we would give them their money back.” You’ve got to let people know. You can improve the strength of your guarantee in a number of ways:

One of the most important things is to make your guarantee connect to the believability of your promise: We can offer such a strong guarantee because we deliver what we promise.

And because customer satisfaction is so important to us.

Promote your guarantee more prominently. Don’t bury your guarantee. Say it loud and clear. Put a box around it. Make it your headline: “If XYZ Doesn’t Make a Lovelier You in 30 Days, We’ll Give You Your Money Back!”

Lengthen the amount of time customers have to ask for their money back. Odd as it may seem, the longer customers have to ask for their money back, the less likely they are to do so. Those who will ask for it back will usually do so within the first few days. So, if your competition is offering a 30 day guarantee, offer a 90 day guarantee, or even a year!

Use stronger terminology. Make it clear that you really mean your guarantee and will stick by it. Keep emphasizing the guarantee and let people know you really mean it. A few phrases I’ve found work successfully:

“Return it for any reason” or “for no reason at all.”

“Don’t buy it. Try it for thirty days at our risk – not yours.”

Make your guarantee a better-than-money-back-guarantee. Give double or triple their money back, or let them keep the free gifts or bonuses which were included with the purchase: “If XYZ Doesn’t Make a Lovelier You in 30 Days, We’ll Give You Double Your Money Back!” (Or: “...We’ll Give Your Money Back But You Can Keep All the Free Reports We Sent.”)

Make it easier to get their money back. Do whatever you can to make returning the

product quicker and easier, and get their money back faster.

For example, Rodale Press now regularly includes a postage-paid return label in their solicitation to show they’re serious about their money back offer. To get your. money back from Lawrence Tabak Company, just call their 800-number and they’ll send Federal Express or UPS to your door to pick up the product!

Add enhancements to your guarantee. An example of an enhancement of a guarantee would be a computer company that not only guarantees to fix your computer if it breaks, they give you a “loaner” while they’re fixing it.

Reduce some of the risk that people quite naturally feel. Offer to let people pay with a check dated in 30 days, or promise you will not process their credit card order for 30 days after you receive it.

Take all of the risk yourself. In this case, you ask customers to pay only after they’re satisfied the product works. For example, bill them in 30 days if they don’t return the product.

A major marketer of audiocasette programs, Nightingale-Conant, uses this strategy consistently on their regular customers.

The Ultimate Guarantee. In certain exceptional cases, you may wish to follow the example of a restaurant in Pennsylvania and a few daring others who offered the ultimate guarantee: pay whatever you think it’s worth after you’ve partaken of the product or service.

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