*** The following post contains a warped exaggeration of the authors views. He therefore asks readers to kindly refrain from throwing bricks through his window and/or taking these egotistical and outlandish claims to heart ***

If you don’t yet have an in-house or go-to copywriter, then in 7 minutes from now (after devouring every last word of this blog post) you’re most probably going to do this:

Run to the phone.
Frantically dial my number.
Beg me to join forces with you.
Generously offer me shares in your company in exchange for my god-like copywriting expertise. Or negotiate some other kind of mutually-beneficial partnership.

If you do already have an in-house or go-to copywriter, then in 6.39 minutes from now (after soaking up every last drop of this blog post) you’re almost certainly going to do this:

Run to the phone.
Frantically dial your copywriter
s number.
Beg them to never leave you.
Shower them with excessive compliments. Offer them a big fat raise for all their hard and invaluable work.


Because copywriting is more important than EVERYTHING else in business.

There, I said it.

Am I biased?

Yes of course I am. But I also said it because its true.

Oh – you beg to differ, do you?

Well let’s do some little comparisons then, and I’ll prove it to you.

  1. There are only 6.09 minutes left till the running and dialing bit. So you’d better start stretching your legs and fingers…


Search engine optimization (SEO) specialists possess the masterful talent to boost your website onto the first page of Google and thus drive rivers of eager customers your way, right?


Copywriters do.

Since Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm changes, SEO has relied primarily on quality content. Not on stuffing the right amount of keywords into unnaturally-written articles, and building as many (spammy) backlinks as possible – as was the case a few years back.

Sure, you need back links. And some onsite optimization.

But Google now rewards websites mostly for their ability to grip and hold the target audience, along with their ability to compel and persuade the visitor to interact with the site and click on the desired calls-to-action (Google knows this through monitoring the bounce rate, page depth and time spent on the site).

And how do you keep visitors glued to the page?

Through brilliantly-written, relevant, valuable, entertaining content.

And who best to create such content?

That’s right… a copywriter.

Especially a creative one.

Especially especially an SEO-savvy creative copywriter who knows their way around some keyword research tools like we do.

And when it comes to building back links, this awesome, valuable content will be naturally shared and naturally linked to and from other people’s blogs and sites – which is exactly the kind of organic back-linking that Google now rewards.



Designers are pretty darn important. Don’t get me wrong.

I work with designers all the time, and without their creative talent and analytical eye, you wouldn’t be able to create shit-hot brands. Or beautiful, visitor-luring websites. Or powerfully memorable and aesthetically charming ads.

And that’s why businesses tend to hire graphic designers a hell of a lot more than they do copywriters.

Which is a shame. Because copy is more important than design.

Allow me to defend this bold statement.

Imagine you want to learn Spanish and you’re searching online for a course. You arrive on the landing page of a well-designed, well-branded website with a really slick-looking color scheme. The headline reads “We do good Language lessons. Buy, buy, here today – You won’t regret!” (or something crappy like that). And the body copy is equally terrible.

Would you read on or would you run a mile?

I think the answers obvious.

Now imagine arriving on another landing page. This time the site design is pretty shoddy.  It’s clearly just a simple and outdated WordPress template which has been put together by a non design-oriented staff member. But the headline reads, “Learn Fluent Spanish from Scratch in 90 Days or Your Money Back”.   The body copy is also extremely compelling, persuasive, personal and jam-packed full of reasons why this course is the perfect fit for you.

Which course are you more likely to buy? Or at least inquire about?

In fact, I know a few very successful bloggers and social media gurus whose website designs are not far off from the description above.  Yet their headlines and blog content are spellbinding and dripping with value. Which is why they have gigantic readerships and swarms of happy paying customers.

If their content was crap, they wouldnt be successful — simple as that.

The same goes for many poorly designed long copy sales pages that are floating around out there raking in sales left, right and center — despite their shoddy design.

Copywriting king, Bob Bly, explores the debate on his blog where he quotes marketing consultant, Ruth Stevens, who insists that copy is more important than design in advertising.

“When the ad’s intent is to motivate a response, it’s about selling, persuasion, and the call to action,” writes Stevens. “These appeals are delivered in WORDS and SENTENCES.”

Convinced yet?

3.41 minutes to go…


Hello my social media friends!

Im afraid were more important than you.

Why? Because social media marketing is a way to expose your brand and channel traffic towards your website and offering. And quite a time-consuming one at that.

If the copy on your site is as dull and lifeless as a string of dead fish – then your social media efforts will just be a big old waste of time.

So make sure your foundations are solid, and your copy compelling, before casting your net out and attempting to reel those prospects back to your website.


By hiring a copywriter of course!

(3.15 minutes and counting…)


Pretty much the same reason as above.

The amount of money that small businesses throw into Pay-Per-Click ads willy nilly – without creating tailor-made, professionally written landing pages – deeply saddens me.

Sniff sniff.

The words are ultimately what convince and make the sale. Not the product. Not the design. Not the social media hype.

Copywriting is what seals the deal (or loses it). 

So why not fork out a little extra at the get-go and fill your landing pages with juicy, branded, expertly-crafted, high-converting sales copy instead of wasting boatloads of money on low-converting PPC ads?

I hope your phone’s in sight because there’s only 2.25 minutes to go and I can sense you’re starting to understand the true value of a great copywriter. Correct?


Content marketing is super important these days…and increasingly so.

The fact that you’re here now, devouring this post, is a fine example of how blogs can be used as a powerful tool to attract visitors to your site, expose your brand to large audiences, establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche and rapidly grow your email list.   (Yes, go on – pop your details in that opt-in box on the right now!).

But ask yourself this:

Who do you think would make a more effective content marketer for your business…

  • savvy writer who understands all the best blogging practices and techniques?
  • Or a savvy copywriter who’s been trained in the art of persuasion, conversion strategy, branding, advertising AND who understands all the best blogging practices and techniques?

Well, you only have to read some of the awesome, influential posts written by the Copyblogger gang (Demian Farnworth, Brian Clark, Sonia Simone) and to find your answer.

I rest my case.

(2.13 mins left)


I was recently approached by a company that uses telesales as their main means of acquiring customers. They have a good few hundred telesales reps on the phones all day, every day.

And the sales pitch these reps read is pretty good. I expect they get quite decent conversion rates. (I haven’t seen the figures).

But hang on.

Imagine if they got a super-savvy direct response copywriter to tweak the hell out of the pitch so that it became just 10-20% more personal10-20% more persuasive, and achieved a 10-20% higher conversion rate.

With 300 sales reps converting 10-20% more people into paying customers every single day, how much more revenue do you think would roll in every year?

A “heckload” would be your indeterminate answer…and only for the initial cost of hiring a good copywriter for ONE DAY.

Is it sinking in now?

Good. Because there’s 1 minute and 14 seconds remaining till dial-time. (How exciting!)


Hmmmm. This is a tough one to argue. But here goes….

Those mathematically-superior accountancy guys are certainly a must-have for every business whether in-house or out.

But if your copy is so bad that you’re not converting any customers, then your accountants won’t have any numbers to juggle and their role will be absolutely worthless.

Boom! We win again.


Apart from ruffling a few feathers and angering all the designers, marketers, bloggers, accountants and sales reps reading this post (some of whom will probably throw bricks wrapped in death threats through my window tonight) – the goal of the article was to point out how valuable, yet often undervalued, copywriting is.

The truth is…

While great copy is essential, it won’t do much good all by itself. There are many other equally-essential ingredients to the marketing equation (including all the essential roles I just mentioned) . Which is why we atAtlanta Marketing Center, Profit-Triggers and Advanced Professional Practices have made invaluable partnerships with:

  • America Writer & Artist Inc “AWAI”
  • CopyBlogger
  • Content Marketing Institute
  • Digital Marketer
  • Great copywriters like Ted Nicholas, Dan Kennedy, Joe Sugarman, Tony Jeary, Michael Masterson, Sally Hogshead, Clayton Makepeace, John Carlton, Bob Bly, Nancy Duarte, Jay Bear, Pam Hendrickson….

And there’s room for plenty more. (Yes, you.)

Whatever area of business or marketing you’re in, you should now understand that copywriting is a fundamental ingredient — and you darn well should either hire or partner with one. (Yes, me)

So go on…

Run to the phone (or just pick it up off the table which is the more likely scenario).

Frantically dial my number:  770-330-9595

Or shoot me an email at Brad@Profit-Triggers.com and we’ll discuss how we can help each other out.

And if you have a copywriter on your team already, then go give them a big fat hug.

(1 minute left – Don’t forget to share this controversial post right now and leave your thoughts/ramblings/angry comments below!)

Your partner,

Brad S. Lloyd


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