A Proven Outline for Writing Winners

Grab ‘em by the eyeballs: Seize your prospect’s attention with a powerful benefit-based, emotionally-driven headline.

Support your headline: In a short deck, expand upon your headline with a deck structure that drives it home in a powerful way.

Bribe him to read this: Tell him what you’re going to tell him. Trumpet any value-added information that you’re going to give him free, in the copy.

Get his juices flowing: Open with a powerful, emotionally driven, benefit based paragraph or two.

Make him believe it: Add credibility elements – a series of paragraphs presenting statistics, expert endorsements, track record info (if it’s an investment product) or customer testimonials that prove you really can deliver the benefit.

Get back on track: You’ve demonstrated what you’ve done for others and what others say. Now, it’s time to get back to talking about your prospect’s favorite person: HIM.

Repeat your lead benefit and transition into your secondary product benefits, each written in a way that connects with the prospect’s most compelling resident emotions – his dominant emotions.

If you have room, make each benefit a subhead, followed by two or three paragraphs of copy (or more) that dimensionalize it.

If you’re cramped for space, turn each benefit into a bullet.

If you’re somewhere in-between, lead with your strongest benefits as subheads with explanatory copy and bulletize the rest.

Make the offer: Repeat your headlined benefit, allude to the others, present your offer, and justify your price.

Relieve risk: Add your guarantee and point out that, since the prospect’s delight is a sure thing, he has nothing to lose.

Sum up: Repeat your main headline benefit, the strongest secondary benefits, justify your price again, remind them of the guarantee and ask for the sale.

Show your prospect how easy accepting this offer is: “Just complete and return the enclosed order form or dial TOLL FREE 1-800-000-0000.”

Close with a final reminder of your main headline benefit, what a steal it is, a mention of the guarantee. I also like to create word pictures of how the prospect will feel with the benefits my product offers – and without. There are consequences to declining this offer!

Sweeten the pot: I like using my P.S. to catch my prospect off-guard. Just when he/she thinks “This is a pretty good deal,” I like to add just one more thing to push this from a “good deal” into an absolute, deadlock-cinch no-brainer.

The best way to do this is by adding something to the offer: Usually an extra discount or a free gift for responding right away.

Add an urgency element: In a P.P.S., I like to give a final reason why the prospect should respond right now. This “reason” could be an extra bonus, or merely a rationale – like “The Fed’s going to raise interest rates on May 15 – whether you’re ready to profit or not! Please let me hear from you NOW!”

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