Your Most Burning Questions About Exploding Your Profits – While Retiring In Style

1. Preeminence Mastery – Here’s how to get them PURSUING YOU - not you interrupting them. Simply stated, it's all about building your Authority, your Lead Magnets and Never Ending Content Rich Funnels.

Finally! Face this fact. Your clients and prospects only care about WHAT'S IN IT FOR THEM.

Not you!



Not you. It's all about exceeding THEIR expectations.


Did you know over 60% to 90% of the buying decision is made before they leave home?


Do you need to improve your CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGIES?

YES or no?

ARE YOU blogging, doing webinars, writing articles, producing perfect videos testimonials, writing influential white-papers, offering compelling case studies and special entertaining and educational reports that always tell persuasive emotional stories…?????

On a One to Ten scale with 10 being the EXPERT AUTHORITY, where are you or your team on BEING 100% FOCUSED ON THEM -- NOT you -- for your BUSINESS today? Write down your number____.

What High Leverage Activities are you now going to implement?
2. Positioning Mastery – How to Create a Competition Free Zone while Raising Your Profits.

When you are in a Unique, Superior and Preferable position to your competition, magically magnificent things happen.

Articulating your answer to the following vital question is the game charger for your clients or patients.

"Why should THEY buy from YOU, over any and every other option, including doing nothing?"

This is referred to as your "Unique Selling Proposition" (USP) or what the late business strategist, Chet Holmes, called your "Ultimate Strategic Positioning Statement".

Remember, money loves speed and money loves results.

See if you recognize this USP: "Fresh Hot Pizza Delivered in 30 Minutes...Guaranteed”

Good news. You'll discover how to specifically craft your winning USP during the "Strategic Work Session". Better yet, you learn how to enhance your USP as well as leveraging it to increase your PROFITS.

At the "Strategy Work Session", we will go deep into NLP anchoring so you can penetrate the subconscious for getting them saying, "YES… YES... YES..."

On a One to Ten scale with 10 being SMART LOOKING, where are you or your team on positioning you over any and every other option? For your BUSINESS today, write down your number____.

What High Leverage Activities are you now going to implement?
3. Prominence Mastery – Here’s how to get them PURSUING YOU and Not Interrupting Them. Simply stated, it's all about building your Authority, your Lead Magnets and Never Ending Content Rich Funnels.

  • The state of being important or famous.
  • Standing out so as to be seen easily; conspicuous; particularly noticeable in your niche.
  • Value proposition driven (by no means, a socialite).
Learn how "Prominence" can be Earned and Planned through "The Technology of Success for Professional Practices".

Jay Abraham, a mentor to many including myself, has mastered prominence. Jay has leveraged every possible media to build his prominence for over 46 years all over the world.

Jay is an American business executive, conference speaker and author. He is known for his work in developing strategies for direct-response marketing in the 1970's. In 2000, Forbes listed him as one of the top five executive coaches in the United States. Today, Jay's strategy continues with his 50 Shades of Jay giving his life's work away. By design, the biggest challenge is keeping up with Jay’s actionable and brilliant business breakthroughs.

This Mastermind opportunity is all about trying to improve, achieve or produce something better than the tired old style.

On a One to Ten scale with 10 being IMPRESSIVE Expert, TRUSTED ADVISER and AUTHORITY IN YOUR NICHE, where are you or your team on "Getting Their Attention with Content" in your BUSINESS today? Write down your number____.

What High Leverage Activities are you now going to implement?
4. Media Mastery – You can’t ignore where your AVATAR likes to get information. Go where they are going.

Technology is skyrocketing and the INTERNET is where people spend an enormous amount of time, leaving every other media in the dust.

Today, 87% of Adults go Online. The younger people can't live without it.

Have you ever been frustrated when your internet access died? YES?

How many medias are you using to communicate with your clients or attracting prospects to your practice?

Direct mail remains strong even for the millennials -- they want grocery coupons. To get on social media, you must have an email address. Facebook has become an addiction. Businesses are on LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram while not forgetting Twitter and Snapchat.

You can't ignore where your clients and prospects hang out.

In Sally Hogshead's second edition of the book, Fascination, Sally says you must provide value or you need to step aside. How are you doing with fascinating people?

No surprise, people are wired differently so you want to fascinate people differently. Remember, talking to everyone in the same way is like talking to nobody.

What do you have if you do NOT have their ATTENTION? NOTHING! NOTHING AT ALL!!!

Did you know that Attention Deficient Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder have gone up 40% in the last twenty-five years? Research shows that the average human attention span has fallen from 12 seconds in 2000 to around 7 seconds now.

Humans have shorter attention spans than goldfish thanks to smartphones.

It's like machines are replacing people's minds. Look at history and how things are changing. And, that’s just the beginning come to think of it.

Write these 12 words down and put them everywhere in your office: "Most Businesses Fall In Love With Their Products Instead of Their Prospects".

You must employ the "Strategies of Preeminence"!!!

On a One to Ten scale with 10 being AMAZING Expert, TRUSTED ADVISER and AUTHORITY IN YOUR NICHE, where are you and your team today on "Media Mastery"? Write down your number____.

What High Leverage Activities are you now going to implement?
5. Energy Mastery – Avoid being dull boring. It’s all about being Charismatic. Your personal and professional development is KEY to a happier and more successful life.

Never has it been as hard as it is now to get people's attention, let alone maintain their attention.

Being boring is the kiss of death. It gets worse if you are not totally focused on resonating with their emotions.

Why should you care about your energy?

Because energy is the foundation of your life!

Mastering your energy gives you power over your life. You really can learn how to use energy to connect with your body, mind and ultimately your spirit.

By harnessing the power of energy you can restore optimum health, heal any aspect of your life and unleash your highest potential.

When you master energy, naturally you develop charisma.

The charisma mission has two expressions: compelling attractiveness or charm and divinely conferred power or talent.

Charisma breeds success. You own your space of power through total focus with your heart and mind.

With "Energy Mastery" you will learn to focus on the basic principles for using your bio-energy power to:
  • Develop a strong and flexible body,
  • Quiet your mind and improve your concentration,
  • Improve your sense of well-being,
  • Achieve your personal goals,
  • Pinpoint your mental focus,
  • Enhance your intuition,
  • Clear your chakra energy centers, and
  • Invigorate your body systems.
  • Everything is about energy.

Focus on harnessing your personal energy (by at least 25%) by tapping into your energy sources and increasing vitality flow and well being for you and for others.

Putting fuel in your tank and being bulletproof = DRIVE. Rather than adding new content, these exercises will guide you through the process of increasing your personal energy.

These are exercises that you can complete time and time again until you master them. This Mastery can easily boost your energy if you need it to by:

  1. Developing enough physical resilience to continuously evolve during turbulent times -- PHYSIOLOGY (the brain's normal functions).
  2. Tapping into emotions that increase the level of passion for what you do -- PASSION.
  3. Broadening your mind to new possibilities -- PSYCHOLOGY (the study of behavior and mind).

We all have five recognized energy sources – soul, body, heart, mind and spirit.

You will learn to master these energy sources on a daily basis. We need the energy to come into our system and for it to be released. Focused breathing in and out gives vitality.

If the energy is coming IN, we intend to use it for our own well being. If we send energy OUT, we intend it to be utilized by someone else.

On a One to Ten scale with 10 being EXHILARATING Expert, TRUSTED ADVISER and AUTHORITY IN YOUR NICHE, where are you or your team on "Stimulating Energy" for your business today? Write down your number ____.

What High Leverage Activities are you now going to implement?
6. Team Performance Mastery – A team that performs like a fine-tuned machine, consistently creating raving fans who consistently give you genuine "Perfect Video Testimonials" and flood you with referrals.

You’re On Your Way to Out-Nordstroming Nordstrom Customer Service -- Happy Customers Who Come Back Time and Time Again and Enthusiastically Tell Others About You! Do What You Do So Well That People Can't Help Telling Others About You

When was the last time you articulated every aspect of your client service (much less dissected and analyzed it) to be more effective thereby creating the World’s Best Customer Service?

As an Advanced Professional Practice, you know how important it is to build “Make-You-Happy Management Systems”.

Suitable for Framing:
  • Who’s the Boss?
  • Serve the Client
  • Do What You Do So Well That People Can’t Help Telling Others About You
L.E.A.R. Guidelines: Make sure everyone in your business has the L.E.A.R. guidelines at their desk, at the cash register or anywhere else your team members may be when they take care of an upset customer.

L = Listen

E = Empathize

A = Ask

R = Resolve

Remember — Customer satisfaction is worthless; Customer loyalty is priceless.

Why Teamwork Will Make or Break Your Practice

Working effectively as part of a team is incredibly important for output quality, morale, and retention.

Forget everything you’ve heard about going it alone!
  • Working alone makes it harder to get early and continual design feedback, thereby decreasing output quality.
  • Working alone reduces learning.
  • Working on a team increases the bus factor for a project.
  • Working on a team increases accountability.
  • Slower project momentum from working alone reduces morale.
  • The highs of a project are more motivating when working as a team
What about You being a team player?

On a One to Ten scale with 10 being CONGENIAL Expert, TRUSTED ADVISOR and AUTHORITY IN YOUR NICHE, where are you and your team on creating a TRUSTWORTHY TEAM for your business today? Write down your number ____ .

What High Leverage Activities are you now going to implement?
7. Relationship Mastery – It always comes down to know, like and trust. Keep this idea constantly in mind as you take responsibility for your relationships.

People buy from people they know, like and trust.

People like them.

You want to understand your client's emotional wants.

Smart professional practices consistently build relationship capital in multiple ways.

It all starts with crawling into the conversation going on in the mind of the prospect so that you can empathize with their emotions. Learn to mirror-model them and keep pace with their dominant resident emotional criteria for saying, YES... YES... YES...

Do you have a "YES Strategy"? YES or no?

It's just a matter of mapping out the sequences of how you're going to engineer reciprocity. Take massive action and employ massive action.

Modeling the Strategies of Preeminence

The probability of doing business with a past client is 50% to 60% whereas selling to a new Client is 5 to 10%.

This is why personalized newsletters full of entertaining and educational content are the number ONE way to insure client retention AND DREADFUL AVOID CLIENT ATTRITION.

At a minimum, send an email once week, a direct mail letter once a month, and a shock and awe box once a quarter.

Listen up -- birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving cards and more are essential opportunities to build relationship capital.

"They don't care how much you know until they know how much you CARE," to quote John Maxwell.

On a One to Ten scale with 10 being AWESOME Expert, TRUSTED ADVISER and AUTHORITY IN YOUR NICHE, where are you today with your BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS? Write down your number ____.

What High Leverage Activities are you now going to implement?
8. Referral Mastery – Imagine every client consistently giving you an equally qualified prospect that is eager to give you money.

Referrals are the best leads in the world.



This fact cannot be disputed.

Every seller agrees that referral selling is hands down the most effective prospecting strategy.


Less than 20% of business owners and sales professionals actually have a SYSTEM or PROVEN PROCESS for attracting an endless flow of Referrals.

Imagine what would happen if you had a multimedia process to not only stay in the conversation but to also earn client retention.

Thank goodness, consistency brings you REFERRALS.

What would happen to your profits if every one of your clients handed you an equally qualified referred client every month?

Are you thinking Ca-Ching...Ca-Ching...Ca-Ching?

You know nothing good happens automatically, only bad happens. Murphy’s law is alive and always showing it’s ugly head.

Yes or No?


When you prospect through referrals:
  • You bypass the gatekeeper and score meetings with decision makers every time.
  • Your prospects are pre‐sold on your abilities to deliver results.
  • You’ve already earned trust and credibility with your prospects.
  • You convert prospects into clients at least 50% of the time (usually more than 70%).
  • Your clients become ideal referral sources for new business.
  • You score more new clients from fewer leads (because all of your leads are qualified).
You ace out your competition.

Four reasons most business are not un-tapping their Referral Potential:
  • They take getting referrals for granted,
  • They have an erroneous belief that satisfaction equals referrals, They feel too busy and afraid that they can’t handle any more business, and
  • They think, “Out of sight, out of mind.”
Are you interested in discovering the "Ten Essential Activities" to IMPLEMENT for maximizing your REFERRAL CULTURE?

And that’s not all....

Are you seriously curious as to why and how to build your "Referral Kits"?

Are you interested in 10 times the number of your current referrals?

YES or no?

Let me ask you a simple question.

"Are you leaving massive money on the table when it comes to YOUR REFERRAL SYSTEMATIZATION?"

Yes or No?

And, we are not done yet.

You’ll benefit from all 12 Mastery’s which are ALL lucrative for Advanced Professional Practices.

If I’m not mistaken, you're the kind of person who is excited about mastering all 12 Advanced Professional Practices Mastery’s.


On a One to Ten scale, with 10 being the HONORABLE Expert, TRUSTED ADVISER and the AUTHORITY IN YOUR NICHE, where are you and your team on getting REFERRALS for your BUSINESS today? Write down your number____.

What High Leverage Activities are you now going to implement?
9. Exit Strategy – How to make big bucks when you say, “I QUIT”, and only worry about how are you going to live life on your own terms.

Do You Have A Clear Path For Retirement (While Preparing Your Business to be Sold for Top Dollar)?

Will your business be your retirement?

In business, HOPE is an awful word.

You never want to hope your business will grow.  You never want to hope the right buyer will come along and then hope that they’ll offer you enough money for your business to fund your retirement.

You'll see this hope business strategy with business owners who never seem to get ahead.

The Unprepared Will Suffer Greatly

You are in the “Baby Boomer Business Bubble” and there is currently a massive sell-off of anywhere between 50% to as much as 75% of the roughly seven million privately held US companies with paid employees.  This trend is expected to continue over the next 20 years.

This glut of businesses for sale is exacerbated by the tremendous lack of differentiation between these businesses.

Many businesses are being operated as “ME TOO” businesses.

Winners and Losers

The Losers are just going to go dark.  They are going to turn out the lights in exasperation because they could never find a buyer.

Although they were in business for decades, they did not prepare their business for the day when it would be sold.

The winners right now are the BIG GUYS.  The winners are taking advantage of the weak, ignorant and lazy entrepreneurs who refuse to prepare and make their business unique.  They refuse to systematize it and learn the game of mergers and acquisitions so that they can experience their rightfully earned day of liberation at a level that sets them up for the rest of their lives.

You have got to commit to never letting your self-doubt stop you from having what you want, what you need, and what you are driven to achieve.

Follow this formula:


Marketing Makeover

+ Running OAutomation

+ (Growth on Steroids including Acquisition x Exponential Growth)

+  Get Out While the Getting is Good


Does This System Work?  YES

On a One to Ten scale with 10 being COMPREHENSIVE IN SELLING YOUR BUSINESS for what you deserve, where are you and your team on “CREATING AN 'I QUIT'" for your business today? Write down your number____.

What High Leverage Activities are you now going to implement?
10. Key Performance Indicators – What gets Measured gets FIXED

(KPI) is a business metric used to evaluate factors that are crucial to the success of an organization.

A Business Metric is a quantifiable measure that is used to track and assess the status of a specific business process.

It's important to note that business metrics should be employed to address key audiences surrounding a business, such as investors, customers and different types of employees, such as executives.

Marketing Metrics

Sales Metrics

Financial Metrics

SaaS Metrics

Social Media Metrics

And More Business Metrics Here at “Advanced Professional Practices for Mastering the Proven, Time Tested 12-Mastery’s”


Let me spell it out for you.
  1. The business is distressed not profitable or revenues have substantially declined.
  2. The owner is the business.
  3. The financial representations advertised cannot be substantiated. The numbers don't add up.
There are many other reasons businesses don’t sell.

The business may be in a declining industry, it may not be licensed properly or it may be a simple matter of being overpriced.  We could go on and on.

Some sellers want to convert sweat equity into dollars and cents.  The market simply doesn’t work that way.

In the end, it’s no wonder that only 10% of small businesses actually sell.

However that low percentage can be dramatically increased if business owners spend a little time on education and preparation.

An understanding of what buyers in the marketplace are seeking and a little time spent preparing one’s business for sale will rapidly improve the odds of your business moving from the 90% and into the 10%.

And here is the most important factor.

The biggest asset of a business is it's ability to attract new clients and increase their transaction values while maximizing client lifetime values.

The relationship they have with their list is #1.

Don't forget an ingrained referral culture mapped-out including employing the necessary tools to plug all the holes in your follow-up bucket.

Can you see yourself doing this?

YES or No?

In a nutshell the implementation of the SYSTEMS FOUND HERE WITHIN THE 12 MASTERY's are what are going to give you the ROI you deserve.

Let me ask you a simple question.

On a One to Ten scale with10 being OUTSTANDING, where are you or your team on Getting Top Dollars For BUSINESS today.  Write down your number ____.

What High Leverage Activities are you now going to implement?
11. Sales Mastery – Consultative or Socratic questioning or leveraging the Sales Synergy System?  Nothing happens until a sale is made.

People buy emotional benefits — Features, Advantages, BENEFITS, and Promises.

When you use Socratic Methods as the foundation of your question dialogue, it’s as rewarding as the goal achieved.

In a perfect world, the close becomes invisible. Imagine that, before you deliver your Call To Action, you're hearing, “I'll buy it.  When can I get it?  I'm sold, stop.  I want it now!”

Don't forget that it's the magic words you use that bring you riches. Always remember that your body language and your tonality are often more influential than your words.

Not only do stories enhance rapport but they can also trigger people to laugh. Which is a good thing.


Hands down.

EVERYTHING MUST BE ACCOUNTABLE AND MEASURABLE. Testing is mandatory (that’s why you want scripts) so you can beat the control.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, happens until a sale is made.

Never stop discovering WHAT'S NEW IN ETHICAL PERSUASION.

"Remember, Only Happy Clients Come Back"

On a One to Ten scale with 10 being a PERSUASION expert, TRUSTED ADVISOR and AUTHORITY IN YOUR NICHE, where are you or your team on SALES MASTERY today? Write down your number ____..

What High Leverage Activities are you now going to implement?
12. STRATEGY – Become SYSTEMATIC to Achieve Consistency – Not Acts of God
Narrow down and choose a single market (at a time). The more finite you specify the demographic, geographic, and psychographic, the more you will be able to truly understand their dominate resident emotional criteria for saying YES... YES... YES... Your goal is to inspire your perfect prospect to PURSUE YOU -- RATHER THAN YOU PURSUING THEM. It's all about bonding with their emotions -- while uncovering their dominate resident emotional criteria for saying YES... YES... YES... The way you want to think about your BEFORE BUILDING BLOCKS is in the light of, “How much would you be willing to pay someone to deliver perfect prospects to you?” You’ll then discover the "Extreme Profit Triggers" within the DURING BUILDING BLOCKS phase which begins when you meet with the prospect all the way until the transactions are finalized and you move towards the "After Sales Benefits". Here are the three components:
  1. Presenting Your Client with Focused UNIQUE BENEFITS and HIDDEN BENEFITS.
  3. Seeding and Framing Incredible EXPERIENTIAL and EMOTIONAL BENEFITS AFTER THE SALE has been Finalized. Systems to build Relationship Capital — Always Engineering Reciprocity.
This is Where WINNERS Excel! Your "Wildly Effective Profit Triggers" are within the AFTER BUILDING BLOCKS.  In order to orchestrate and finely tune your Referral Processes, you must:
  • Get Testimonials Online and Offline While You Frequently Nurture The Relationship
  • Implement Accountable and Measurable Actions
Then, employ time-tested proven systems to maximize your opportunities for the BIG 3 R’s.  You’ve already discovered the importance of REFERRALS,  here are the other two BIG R's: Client RETENTION — Did you know  that the Probability of Selling to an Existing Customer is 60-70%;  while selling a NEW Prospect is only 5 to 20%?  It’s your job to show them the benefits you deliver so that they say,“What’s Next?” Your business data comprises the "Customer Journey Map" and "Empathy Map".  The "Experience Map" is also enormously valuable to your business success when you employ the "Strategy of Preeminence."  On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase counterparts. Client REACTIVATION — Do you know when you have lost a customer? The leading reason customers get lost is because of indifference.  It’s your job to remember them; it’s not their job to remember you.  The 12 words that will change your life are, "Most People Fall In Love With Their Products Instead Of Their Prospects!" What do you focus on --  Your Products or Your Prospects? On a One to Ten scale with 10 being an ALL-INCLUSIVE EXPERT, TRUSTED ADVISER and AUTHORITY IN YOUR NICHE, where are you or your team on "Marketing Mastery" today?  Write down your number ____. What High Leverage Activities are you now going to implement?