Why Advanced Professional Practices?

Everything You Expect & More

Before our Advanced Professional Practices dream team even begins to offer the services and qualities that distinguish us from other marketing firms, we first work to ensure we can meet the basics for you. The basics are the fundamental characteristics that any marketing company must have in order to provide meaningful service. When you hire Advanced Professional Practices for our direct marketing solution, you can feel confident that we offer everything you should expect from your marketing team and more, including…

  • Experience – Brad Lloyd has been providing offline and online marketing solutions for over 25 years, and in that time he has continued to research and improve his method to remain in step with our constantly changing direct marketing, copywriting, and ethical persuasion for the social and technological world.
  • Expertise – The entire Advanced Professional Practices dream team has been carefully trained in Brad’s proven marketing philosophy, and they always participate in ongoing education to ensure the success of your personalized marketing solution.
  • Certifications – Advanced Professional Practices is certified with multiple offline ang online advertising platforms, including Google Ad Words, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Digital Marketer, and more.
  • Award-Winning Team – Advanced Professional Practices has collaborated with the smartest and most successful experts in the direct marketing, compelling copywriters, and ethical persuasion masters in the new economy (after the GREAT RECESSION). “People love to buy, BUT HATE TO BE SOLD.”

Most notably, we were awarded the prestigious and coveted Independent Business Adviser from Dan Kennedy, Infinity Member at “AWAI”, attended Jay Abraham 3 day “Professional Power Practices” with a year of mentoring from Jay, to go deep on implementation on the “12 Mastery” which is all about “Creating A Competition FREE ZONE”

After reading Malcomb Galdwell’s book in 2009; “OUTLIER — The Story of Success” referencing the 10,000 hour rule, to become the EXPERT IN A NICHE.

My passion continues to discover everything on Direct Marketing, Compelling Copywriting and Ethical Persuasion to get more YESES. Believe in the “Invisible Close” not the hard sell.

Pasted the 10,000 hour rule years ago, reach out to the 20,000 hours and beyond.

Proven 3-Step System

At Advanced Professional Practices, we follow the specialized 3-step system developed by Brad Lloyd, which has proven to work for small businesses, doctors, orthodontists, and other professional or medical industries. With our proven 3-step system, you will be able to predictably attract more new prospects from the web every day. Here is a brief overview of how the Brad Lloyd 3-Step Marketing System works…

Step 1: Get the Right Website for Your Audience

get the right website for your audience with jimmy marketingIn today’s technological landscape, a website that looks great on one kind of device might have issues on another. With mobile devices driving over 50% of traffic, it is critical that your website functions responsively and looks great on multiple screen sizes. At Advanced Professional Practices, we make sure your website looks fantastic on every type of device, including desktops, laptops, PCs, Macs, and multiple brands of tablets and mobile phones.

The message on your website is as important as its aesthetic appeal, too! This is why Advanced Professional Practices will also help you ensure that you’re sending the right message on your website. We don’t want visitors to view you simply as a GREAT choice, but as the BEST and ONLY choice for their needs.

Step 2: Attract the Right Prospects for Your Business or Practice

Once your website is in top form with the right message, we then work to attract prospects and raise awareness that you are the best and only choice for the service you provide. We do this in a few key ways…

  • We enhance your website’s SEO (search engine optimization) and keywords to make sure people can find you easily when they are actively looking for the type of service you provide.
  • We utilize specialized ad targeting software along with Facebook and other ads. These get your message in front of people who may not be actively looking for your services now, but who may be convinced to start using your services.
  • Our advertising software also retargets anyone who visits your website, so they will start seeing ads for you elsewhere on the web. This keeps you at the forefront of their mind, increasing the likelihood of their returning to you when they are ready to move forward.

Step 3: Analyze & Improve Your Return on Investment

analyze and improve your return on investment with jimmy marketingStep three happens simultaneously with step two. With this portion of our proven 3-step marketing solution, we make sure you are getting a PROFITABLE return on investment of your marketing dollars.

  • We track and listen to every call that comes through your website, and we take note of where the visitor has come from (for example, from Google regular searches, a paid Google ad, a Facebook ad, or elsewhere).
  • We categorize each call as one of four types: existing patient or client, new lead that became a patient or client, a new lead that didn’t work out, or a missed call.
  • We share all this data with you and work with you to determine which traffic sources are getting the best results.
  • We start steps 2 and 3 on a smaller scale to identify the pockets of profit for your advertising investment, and we scale up once we have determined the best use of your dollars.

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