A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the - download pdf or read online

By Bill Bryson

ISBN-10: 0767902521

ISBN-13: 9780767902526

Again in the US after 20 years in Britain, invoice Bryson made up our minds to reacquaint himself along with his local nation by way of strolling the 2,100-mile Appalachian path, which stretches from Georgia to Maine. The AT bargains an brilliant panorama of silent forests and glowing lakes--and to a author with the comedian genius of invoice Bryson, it additionally offers unending possibilities to witness the majestic silliness of his fellow human beings.
For a begin there's the gloriously out-of-shape Stephen Katz, a blood brother from Iowa alongside for the stroll. regardless of Katz's overwhelming wish to locate comfortable eating places, he and Bryson ultimately settle into their stride, and whereas at the path they meet a weird and wonderful collection of hilarious characters. yet A stroll within the Woods is greater than only a laugh-out-loud hike. Bryson's acute eye is a smart witness to this gorgeous yet fragile path, and as he tells its attention-grabbing historical past, he makes a relocating plea for the conservation of America's final nice wasteland. An event, a comedy, and a party, A stroll within the Woods is destined to develop into a latest vintage of go back and forth literature.

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Stuff was scattered everywhere. His backpack was limp and unattended. Little percussive hisses of music were leaking from his ears. " I said. " I waited a minute, thinking he would bound up, but he didn't move. " I sighed and went back down to the basement. Katz said little during dinner and afterwards returned to his room. We heard nothing more from him throughout the evening, but about midnight, as we lay in bed, noises began to float to us through the walls--clompings and mutterings, sounds like furniture being dragged across the floor, and brief enraged outbursts, interspersed with long periods of silence.

The unutterable relief of realizing that the bear has withdrawn to the other side of the camp or shambled back into the woods. I tell you right now, I couldn't stand it. , on the third foray, his tent was abruptly rent with a swipe of claw and the bear, driven to distraction by the rich, unfixable, everywhere aroma of hamburger, bit hard into a flinching limb and dragged him shouting and flailing through the camp and into the woods. In the few moments it took the boy's fellow campers to unzip themselves from their accoutrements--and imagine, if you will, trying to swim out of suddenly voluminous sleeping bags, take up flashlights and makeshift cudgels, undo tent zips with helplessly fumbling fingers, and give chase--in those few moments, poor little David Anderson was dead.

The previous year had been a very bad berry year. I didn't like the feel of any of this. Then there were all the problems and particular dangers of solitude. I still have my appendix, and any number of other organs that might burst or sputter in the empty wilds. What would I do then? What if I fell from a ledge and broke my back? What if I lost the trail in blizzard or fog, or was nipped by a venomous snake, or lost my footing on mossslickened rocks crossing a stream and cracked my head a concussive blow?

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A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail (Official Guides to the Appalachian Trail) by Bill Bryson

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