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By Turrell Wylie (Translator, Editor); Bla-ma b Tsan-po (Autor)

ISBN-10: 8863230471

ISBN-13: 9788863230475

The Nepalese portion of the author's global geography, ʾdZam-gling-rGyas-bShod.
Tibetan textual content in transliteration; English translation.

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Jn the late llth century, the inhabitants of Kirlipur inflicted the first defeat on the forces of Prithvi Narayan; a victory for them that brought cruel retaliation once Prithvi Narayan conquered the valley. The noses and lips o f all the male adults of Kirlipur were cut off. (Landon, J, p. 221; LAvi. 1, pp. 66-61; Kirkpatrick, pp. 113-14) i* Tsi-ti-lam is the Chitlong of modern maps, a village located about eleven air miles southwest of Kathmandu on the road between Thankot and Bhimphedi (Livi, II, p 314).

It is smaller in size than the one at Nilkanth ( = BudhS-Nllakap(ha) and is called the " new " to distinguish it from the original image. , Siva. Of course, Nllakap(ha ( " Blue Throat ”) is an epithet reserved for Siva; however, the images at BudhaNilakanth and Bala-Nilakanth are of the Se$a-NSr3yapa aspect of Vijpu (L4vi, I, pp. 366­ 68). This is the identification given as well in Bal-gnoi, which reads; kin gon rkyal \ im n) >vtn xlhan | bu rd nil kan la | (folio 4-b). — 29 — ministers the reason why and he heard the ministers relate the story or that image.

Folio 6-a) Its light-blue colored (neck) is covered by a saffron scarf and it appears to be lying in the supine position with nine cobra heads. Even though it is well known all over India that Indian heretics consider it to be Dbang-phyug ( = $iva)6* and revere it greatly, there are many Buddhists in India and Nepal who do not believe in that image. Moreover, among the Tibetans, who call it Klu gan-rkyal ("S upine naga ”) or Klu gd o l-p a**67, there are many indeed who do not believe in it at all.

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A Tibetan religious geography of Nepal. Tibet, Buddha, Buddhism, Buddhismus, Himalaya, Ladakh, Nepal, Bhutan by Turrell Wylie (Translator, Editor); Bla-ma b Tsan-po (Autor)

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