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By Kim Lawrence

ISBN-10: 1408925540

ISBN-13: 9781408925546

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Emilio asked, mystified but not inclined to take umbrage from the underlying antagonism that had crept into the other man’s manner. ’ he said bitterly. ’ Emilio suggested without heat. ‘No, I was not. ’ ‘Actually, I did, sort of,’ Philip Armstrong conceded. ‘The thing is, Emilio …’ Emilio repressed his impatience. ‘The thing is, I want to get married,’ the Englishman revealed in a rush. ’ Emilio was famed for his powers of analytical deduction, but he had not seen this one coming! ‘You’re shocked.

Of course, Emilio did not believe in signs or cosmic forces, but he did believe in following his instincts. If he followed his at that moment it might get them both arrested. A smile that did not soften the predatory glow in his eyes flickered across his face as he thought, It might be worth it. ’ Megan was not surprised to hear the aggrieved note tinged with truculence in her boss’s voice. Charlie Armstrong had not made his millions by allowing little things like air-traffic controllers’ strikes to stand in his way and he expected his staff to display an equally robust response to such obstacles to his wishes, even when that member of staff was his daughter.

The possibility did not unduly bother him. Was selfishness not the upside of being single and not in a serious relationship? Upside? Were there any downsides to being in a position where one did not have to consider the wishes of other people? Emilio could not think of any. In the past he had done his duty and pleased others, namely his father. That unquestioning compliance had resulted in a failed marriage entered into when he was too young, stupid and arrogant to believe he could fail at anything.

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A Spanish Awakening by Kim Lawrence

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