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By Reza Pourjavady, Sabine Schmidtke

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For a very long time, the research of the lifestyles and paintings of the Jewish philosopher 'Izz al-Dawla Ibn Kammna' (683/1284) remained restricted to a really small variety of texts. curiosity in Ibn Kammna' within the Western Christian global dates again to the seventeenth century, while Barthelemy Herbelot (1624-1695) incorporated details on of Ibn Kammna's works - his exam of the 3 faiths (Tanq' al-abth' li-l-milal al-thalt'), i.e. Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and his statement on Avicennas al-Ishrt' wa l-tanbht' - in his Bibliotheque orientale. next generations of Western students have been all in favour of Ibn Kammna's Tanq'al-abth', while his repute within the jap lands of Islam was once dependent solely on his philosophical writings. those contain a statement at the Kitb'al-Talwt' through the founding father of Illumationist philosophy, Shihb' al-Dn'al-Suhraward' (587/1191) and diverse self reliant works on philosophy and good judgment. when you consider that many of the manuscripts of Ibn Kammna's philosophical writings can be found within the private and non-private libraries of Iran, Iraq, and Turkey, they have been (and are) out of achieve for almost all of Western students. the amount supplies a close account of the to be had info of Ibn Kammna's biography, presents an overview of his philosophical concept and experiences intimately the reception of his inspiration and his writings between later Muslim and Jewish philosophers. a listing of his whole oeuvre presents certain details at the extant manuscripts. the amount moreover contains variations of 9 of his writings.

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See also the reviews on Perlmann’s edition of the TanqҘ by Kurt Rudolph (in Orientalistische Literaturzeitung 67 ix/x (1972), pp. 462–65) and Rudi Paret (in Der Islam 46 (1970), pp. 102–104) who both reject the assumption of conversion on the basis of this text. ” In The Jews of Medieval Islam. Community, Society, and Identity. Ed. Daniel Frank. Leiden 1995, pp. 179–97, esp. 197). Friedrich Niewöhner, in contrast, denies any bias towards Judaism and against Islam on the basis of the TanqҘ; he considers Ibn KammÖna to have been a religious sceptic beyond religion; see his “Die Wahrheit ist eine Tochter der Zeit.

100 being f. 17a], 19 lines to a page, 24,5 × 15,5 cm; it contains the following items: (1) Fragment from an unidentified work, apparently on philosophy (p. 1); (2) Fragment from an unidentified philosophical work (p. 2); (3) Ibn KammÖna: KalimÊt wajÒza (pp. 3–40); (4) Majlis-i maktÖb-i KhwÊrazm by ShahrastÊnÒ (pp. 40:5–69); (5) Ibn KammÖna: TanqҘ al-ab˜Êth (pp. 69–178); (6) Samawxal al-MaghribÒ: If˜Êm alyahÖd (pp. 178–199:16); (7) Nuskhat masxala waradat {alÊ Samawxal min ba{Ó al-zanÊdiqa al-mutafalsifa (pp.

Pp. 533:3–536:22), ff. 173–201 (= pp. 536:22–598:4); (2) Ibn KammÖna: TanqҘ al-ab˜Êth, ff. 202–209 (= ed. Perlmann, pp. 2:1–16:4), ff. 211– 263 (= pp. 17:2–108:8, 111:9–11); (3) Correspondence of Samawxal al-MaghribÒ with an anonymous accuser, ff. 264–265; (5) Ibn KammÖna: KalimÊt wajÒza ff. 266–286; (6) Excerpts from various unidentified historical, philosophical and poetic works, partly Arabic, partly Persian, ff. 286–293. 160 The manuscript of the ijÊza issued by Qu¢b al-DÒn al-ShÒrÊzÒ to TÊj al-DÒn alKirmÊnÒ (dated 696/1296–97; ms.

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