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This new historical past of the French language permits the reader to work out how the language has advanced for themselves. It combines texts and extracts with a readable and specific statement permitting the language to be seen either synchronically and diachronically. middle texts variety from the 9th century to the current day spotlight imperative positive factors of the language, while a number shorter texts illustrate specific issues. The inclusion of non-literary, in addition to literary texts serves to demonstrate many of the many sorts of French no matter if in criminal, clinical, epistolatory, administrative or liturgical or in additional well known domain names, together with makes an attempt to symbolize spoken utilization. this can be crucial studying for the undergraduate pupil of French.

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The indefinite article, derived from the Latin numeral ‘one’, unus, una, is likewise attested here for the first time in ad une spede (l. 22). g. la polle (l. 10), refers to a specific girl, already mentioned in the text); similarly, the indefinite article was employed to pick out an individual or individuals, and had the value ‘a certain (one)’. Thus the article is not used invariably with all nouns here, and the usage of the first two lines, for instance, is quite typical of the period (for further discussion of the use of the article, see text 4).

The form verme (l. 16) with a final -e is used rather than the expected verm, perhaps on the analogy of those forms where a supporting vowel was necessary for the pronunciation of the consonant cluster. Tonic free vowels Diphthongization of tonic free e>ie is not shown, thus we find edre< (h)edera. Letus

141v), which comes from 30â•… A History of the French Language through Texts the monastery at Saint-Amand-les-Eaux, near Valenciennes. This was a major centre of scholarship in the ninth century and is also the likely place of composition of the text. As we shall see, the Sequence clearly contains certain north and north-eastern linguistic features, making its interpretation less problematic than the Oaths, although there are equally some features which cannot be localized to the Picard-Walloon region and may therefore suggest that even in this earliest period there existed a supra-regional scripta (see Introduction, pp.

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