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Sub-sonic flows in continuum to close continuum regime represent a tremendous section of the utilized fluid mechanics. vital examples of such flows are incompressible fluid turbulence and circulate via micro-devices. The computational fluid dynamics has no longer but learned its complete power for turbulence or circulate via micro-devices.

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Especially for antibiotics, availability as OTC violates all aspects of careful prescribing (diagnosis of infection, selection of drug, correct dose, and duration of therapy) and has a sizable impact on development of resistance. A relatively new threat is the availability of antimicrobial drugs via the Internet. So far, little has been done at a global scale to limit the over the counter availability of antimicrobial drugs. Here lies a great challenge, which is hard to tackle since the economic interests are immense.

In Belgium, a change in the reimbursement profoundly affected the antibiotic use pattern especially for prophylactic antibiotics in surgery. 47 Another element here is the role of the pharmaceutical industry. We already alluded to the marketing strategies in France. Pharmaceutical industry promotes its products in a variety of ways. One way is to try to influence the prescribing habits of doctors. The policies used for this range from very direct “aggressive” pressure, with rewards or even “bribes,” to more subtle and indirect techniques.

Antibioticagebruik buiten het ziekenhuis. Pharm Weekbl 2001;136(22):786–90. 2. Cars O, Mokstad S, Melander A. Variation in antibiotic use in the European Union. Lancet 2001;357:1851–3. 3. Goossens H, Ferech M, Vander Stichele R, et al. Outpatient antibiotic use in Europe and association with resistance: A cross-national database study. Lancet 2005;365:579–87 4. Grol R, Wensing M, Eccles M. Improving Patient Care. Implementation of Change in Clinical Practice. Oxford; Elsevier, 2005. 5. van Buchem FL, Dunk JH, van’t Hof MA.

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