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By Suzuki H.

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Sub-sonic flows in continuum to close continuum regime represent an enormous section of the utilized fluid mechanics. vital examples of such flows are incompressible fluid turbulence and move via micro-devices. The computational fluid dynamics has no longer but learned its complete power for turbulence or circulate via micro-devices.

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Or, is it a potentially powerful way of doing business? I guess the jury is still out, and I expect it to stay out for quite some time, as it is difficult to foresee one unified verdict forthcoming. In my personal view, you can go about business ethics for all the wrong reasons— and in all the wrong ways—and make a complete and utter failure out of it. Done right (as I have seen), it can represent a powerful source of renewed competitiveness for an organization. NOTE This article is adapted from Bjørn Andersen, Bringing Business Ethics to Life: Achieving Corporate Social Responsibility, ASQ Quality Press, 2004.

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2-designs over GF(2^m) by Suzuki H.

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