New PDF release: 1,001 Facts that Will Scare the S#*t Out of You: The

By Cary McNeal

ISBN-10: 1605506249

ISBN-13: 9781605506241

Fact: Chocolate comprises the alkaloid theobromine, which in excessive doses may be poisonous to people, and in even small quantities can kill canines, parrots, horses, and cats.
This signifies that regardless of its identify, the Kit-Kat sweet bar isn't a urged snack to your kitty-cat. i'm wondering what percentage cats have died due to this confusion.

Fact: the main germ-laden position in your bathroom isn't the seat or perhaps the bowl--it's the handle.
The resolution: Don't flush. permit the subsequent man fear approximately it.

There are "just the facts"--and then there are only the proof that might frighten the bejeezus out of you. and because of this little gem a WC ebook, you'll by no means examine the area a similar means back, with out, er, dry heaving a bit bit.

From the sneaky fish that may swim up our genitals to the E. coli micro organism lurking within the very water we drink, annoying phenomena are all over the place we flip. academic, interesting, and undeniably frightening, this e-book isn't certain to assist you, um, visit the rest room, yet it's absolute to make it slow there more...informed.

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Not much in any case. Everyone knows George is still dangling on his mother’s apron strings, they know that she and Lord Bute arranged for him to marry this Charlotte person and he wasn’t man enough to re­fuse. Poor Charlotte! ’ ‘I should have thought you would be envying her,’ snapped Caroline. ’ ‘But you always said I had none of that useful commodity,’ smiled Sarah. ‘And ... I have decided. ’ Mr. Fox smiled at her, half amused, half exasperated. He deplored his sister-in-law’s failure to achieve the royal marriage as much as anyone, but he couldn’t help being fond of her.

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