8 Tips For Capturing Contact Information

Finding the names and addresses of likely prospects is critical to success, and an area in which many business owners stumble and fall. That‘s a shame because there are eight simple ways to build mailing lists (both snail mail and electronic): Let‘s say you‘re building a list of doctor prospects:

  1. Get an electronic copy of the Yellow Pages. These are sold in stores like Best Buy.
  2. Go to the Oxbridge Directory of Publications. This reference manual contains demographics information on over 20,000 magazines and newsletters. You‘ll be able to find publications that reach specific markets, which have the characteristics you want.
  3. Go to your local library and browse through the Standard Rate and Data Service (SRDS) list directory. In it, you‘ll find just about every mailing list known to man. It is an invaluable tool for your niche marketing efforts. You will find lists of doctors who have purchased recently through direct mail.
  4. Contact organizations and associations. If the associations won‘t rent you a list, then ask if you can get a list of magazines, journals and publications that cater to the medical community.
  5. Magazines are very good sources for renting lists.
  6. You can also work through local mailing list brokers, purveyors of lists of all kinds of doctors who live across the country. One list I looked at was for the state of Texas, which included 30,091 medical doctors. A list broker can help you find the type of list for which you are searching. However, be aware list brokers usually make their money from large mailing lists and may be less helpful than you want, but they also might steer you in the right direction. They eat, sleep, and drink mailing lists.
  7. Placing advertisements in the local newspaper that target the interests of your niche marketing. For example, if you were targeting back pain sufferers, you might write up a news article about recent studies that have found that hydrotherapy helps reduce back pain. At the end of the article, offer a free report about reducing back pain using hydrotherapy.
  8. Another place that you can locate your niche is by identifying all of the things that your target niche or niches have in common, such as associations or reading material, hobbies, affiliations. And so on. Start to market in those areas with marketing material that has focused headlines and copy that will attract your niche‘s attention.

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