8 Secrets to Finding Your Seriously Awesome Content Marketing Sweet Spot

Content marketing is a tricky environment. Too many sales pitches and you’ve lost the trust factor. Not enough entertainment and your reader has died of boredom. Skip the call to action and you’ve sabotaged your marketing efforts.

So how do you find that content marketing sweet spot?

  1. Show Benefit—Repeat after me: Benefits, not features. Remember the signs they used to put in barbershop windows? “Two Chairs—No Waiting!” Two chairs is the feature; no waiting is the benefit. So what’s your big promise? What are you offering that will make the reader’s life better? Skip the unemotional features your widget has and tell your reader why he should care. “What’s In It — For Me” WII-FM is the channel they are tuned-into. Face this fact.
  2. Entertain—Most people waste hours each week on funny cat videos and Buzzfeed articles. And as depressing as it might be, Grumpy Cat just might have more followers than your carefully crafted, beautifully articulated blog. So take a cue from the cat and do something outrageous. That’s how viral videos and blog posts get started.
  3. Solve a Problem—Find out what annoying your CLIENTS most about the services and products available in your industry. Don’t know? Hang out on social media and pay attention to what people gab about. Then write a blog post with useful, actionable information that solves that problem.
  4. Tell a Story—Stories serve a two-fold purpose: they draw the reader in and they act as social proof. If you can use a real-life example—even better! Demonstrate how you solved a problem for a CLIENT, tell people how you got started in business, talk about the flat tire you had on the way to work. It doesn’t have to be novel-worthy. It just has to be entertaining and give you a tie-in to your call to action.
  5. Write for People—The SEO bubble created a generation of marketers who were really great at writing for Google but terrible at coming up with CONTENT real people wanted to read. Now, Google has turned SEO upside down and all those keyword- stuffing ninjas are out of a job. Don’t fall into that trap. Write for people first—then add in the VALUE PROPOSITIONS that makes Google happy.
  6. Train Your Readers—If you become known for creating valuable, entertaining content, your readers will look forward to hearing from you. They’ll eagerly anticipate your emails and share your blog posts. Before you know it—voila! You’ve trained your readers to click!
  7. Be the Smart, Cool Friend—Education is great, but not if it’s coming from a snob. Position yourself as the smart, cool friend who can explain things so they’re easy to understand. Don’t take yourself too seriously—but do be serious about the quality of the content you distribute.
  8. Address Underlying Objections—Anticipate objections that may keep your customers from buying—and address them. Then use proven persuasion techniques to demonstrate how much they need your product or service.

Remember, you’re playing the long game. You’re not going after the hard sell right away. Your goal is to convince your customers to know, like, and trust you so that when they’re ready to buy, they buy from you.

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