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Advanced Professional Practices’ Philosophy

For most businesses, highly effective marketing is a make-or-break necessity. It’s really impossible for you to be successful without exceptional marketing strategies and conversion techniques — that’s what brings the clients and prospects (along with their wallets) in the door.

Too many times, for starved business owners without a marketing plan (“Marketing System”), advertising means two things: sales and selling.

However, you’ll be more successful if, every so often, you try to look at the “big picture” by taking the time to thoughtfully analyze your products or services and your business as a whole in relation to your competition, your customers, and societal and regional trends and conditions.

You will attract many more buyers if you offer to teach them something of value than you would by simply trying to sell them your products or services.

Understanding the critical difference between “branding” and “direct response marketing” is a game-changer for professional practice owners and entrepreneurs.  Those of you who are open-minded must learn specific formulas for becoming powerful and relevant direct marketing machines instead of branding casualties (like the majority of businesses).

Why should you use ineffective, outdated, old-fashioned, traditional marketing when you can employ no-nonsense, dependable, high-performing and emotion-driven direct response marketing?

Remember, marketing your business is the highest value activity you can be working ON and is far more profitable than working IN your business.

My business dream is to help “Preeminent Professional Practices” who are phenomenal at what they do but are struggling because their conversions and marketing strategies aren’t working effectively.  They just can’t seem to attract enough of their most desirable clients.

Our Consulting Principles

We only accept clients that we strongly believe we can help. If a client’s needs are beyond the scope of our expertise, we’ll say so.  If possible, we’ll refer such a client to an appropriate professional.

We work not just at fulfilling the needs the client brings to us but also on discovering or creating other opportunities for that client to profit.

Whenever possible, we prefer to charge a relatively low retainer or base fee and derive the bulk of our compensation from participation in the success of the project.

If you want to make money with response direct marketing, anything Brad Lloyd says will guide you. The money I’ve
made just from his monthly GKIC Atlanta Chapter meetings
is pushing me from the low to the high six-figures. There’s a reason people follow Brad’s advice: it’s the best around! If I
had to start all over again today, I’d need only three things:

1. Brad’s direct marketing knowledge
2. A laptop
3. A smartphone.

Joining Brad’s Mastermind is going to be the real GAMECHANGER for my business.

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