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Marketing & Innovation

Marketing and innovation are the two greatest leverageable assets you have. You have to be resigned and committed to engineering breakthroughs. Innovation is not necessarily high tech, although it can be. Innovation is bringing greater advantage to the client that the client perceives and values. It can be the simplest, most mundane, most non-technical value added imaginable. I spend a lot of time studying the most successful performing companies in their category. What I’ve learned in analyzing them is that they tend to be the companies that engineer and introduce the most consistent quality breakthroughs. And they do it on a continuous basis in the areas of strategy, marketing, innovation and management. So you have to be committed to engineering breakthroughs.

Great marketers are made, not born. It requires discipline, a precise system, and a highly strategic plan to really develop your personal marketing genius. It also requires a very different mindset than the one all your competitors use. If you want to grow your business like a weed, gain a decisive competitive advantage, attract new customers in droves, and double and redouble your profits — then you need to open your mind to one overriding “big” idea:

It’s a fact: My marketing methods can work true performance miracles for your business. But you will never reap their rich rewards, unless you develop a systematic process to harness, harvest and strategically implement them. But most people don’t know how to implement a strategic marketing system. Do you?